Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The New Shop Lot Mall

There are this new shop lot mall near my working place. Shop lot Mall (actually i forgot the name, it's dono what mall, so i just refer it as shop lot mall lar. hehe...)? Ya, it's a bit different than the normal shop lots, it's all cover up, and there's a big space in the middle. Heard they gonna make the middle street to some food street with lot's of food stalls!

My colleagues and I will always walked pass there to see when it is going to open. We are hoping to see more food stalls or restaurants there, so that we can more choices during lunch.

So just now when we went over to '8', we realized that it's OPENED!!!!!! FINALLY!! The corner shop is now under renovation and it will be the Oldtown Kopitiam!!! At least, we got another new place for lunch, so happy. hehe.. the rest of the shop still not rented out yet, hopefully the food street will be successful!!

Anybody interested in opening a restaurant? Check out the new shop lot mall lar!! :)

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