Sunday, November 4, 2007

I can't get anything I like!!

Sometimes you saw something you like when you are out window shopping, maybe like a pair of pants, or a bag, or some fashion accessories. Since your initial plan was to window shop or maybe you are short of cash, you forbid yourself from buying it. You told yourself, doesn't matter, when you got your pay next month, you'll come and get it. But when you really got your pay, that item is no longer there, and you will never ever see it again!!

Did that ever happened to you? When you are planning to get yourself a pair of pants, you probably will end up seeing some clothes you like, when you're looking for this, you will see that. Or worst, when you PURPOSELY go out to shop, you can't seems to get anything you like!! Sad huh..

so what's the conclusion of this? hmm, when you see something you like, even when you need to borrow or steal money you also have to buy it?? haha, of cos NOT la.. then what? for me, when i'm not planning to get anything, i probably will see a dozen things that i like, so how? err, my style ar? i will definitely buy ONE for myself. and of cos, that will not be the expensive one. What about you? Will you buy or will you not buy?

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