Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another RM 720 per year!!!!

After i heard about the news that petrol MAYBE will increased 70 cents per litre, I started to calculate, calculate how much more I need to spend on petrol due to this increment. Hmm, let's see, when the petrol increased 30 cents last time, i need to pay RM10 more for a full tank, so if the gov really increased 70 cents, i have to pay RM20+ more for a full tank!!

For now I pump petrol 3 times a month, that means 3 * RM 20 = RM 60, one month i will need to spend another RM 60 for petrol (didn't include if i balik kampung..), so for a year i will spend RM 60 * 12 = RM 720!! WOW, that's really a lot!!! Even if the boss increased our salary also cannot cover the petrol costs. well, u know lar, increment won't be a lot one mar, got RM 200 increment consider very good lor... rite?


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Anonymous said...

wow! increment Rm200 is a lot leh...i get increment Rm110-Rm130 only :(

i no car somemore, take bus everyday to work. that much increment i happy liao lor