Thursday, November 15, 2007


I overheard a conversation between 2 guys that sits behind me when I was having my dinner at the mamak yesterday, ya the Bad food, bad service, bad price, bad menu mamak. Hey, i'm not eavesdropping lar, it's just that they talked so loud.

So this two guys, should be in their mid twenties, at first i don't know wat they are talking about, then suddenly one of the guy made a phone call, and started to talk very loud. He's asking his friend whether he got handle any divorce cases or not. Then i heard something like, har need to wait for 2 yrs so long? Is there anyway to shorten the time frame? and ... (was busy argueing with the mamak fellow, so nv heard this part. hehe..)

It makes me wonder, these two guys so young, so fast want to divorce? by looking at their age, should be just got married not long ago mar (unless they got married at the age of 18 yrs old lar. :p) some more dowan to wait for 2 yrs separation?

No wonder ppl said, don't get married so young, when you think about it, it's true lar in a way, when you're young you probably don't know wat you want, when you grew older then only u realized you've made the wrong decision married the wrong how? divorce lor...

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