Monday, November 19, 2007

How to withdraw money from ATM using the Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card

I finally received the pin number for my debit card from public bank last friday. Immediately I drove to the nearest public bank at my place to withdraw. I inserted the debit card into the atm, then entered the pin provided by public bank. After that i requested to change the pin, when i'm done, the atm returned my card to me.

Only 1 atm that is working and at that time, there's already 2 guys behind me, waiting for their turn. After changing the password, I insert my card again to the atm, i already heard the uncle behind me ngee ngee ngam ngam already. :p sorry lar, first time withdrawing mar.. So when i was at the screen, i did not know which option to choose. Why? Hmm, there's no withdraw option there? How am i suppose to withdraw? Which one should i choose? Cash Advance or Fast Cash?

Finally i picked the Fast Cash, but it didn't allow me to enter how much I want to withdraw, the atm returned my card and RM 200. Oo, so fast cash means withdraw RM 200 lar.. but i wanted to withdraw more!! ~sigh, so when i try to insert my card for the third time, i can feel that the 2 guys behind me cursing me la.. but dun care lar, so this time i picked the Cash Advance, and there's this screen for me to enter the amount that i wished to withdraw.

During the withdrawal, i saw there's a mesg saying RM1 will be charged, i did not finish reading the sentence carefully as i dowan to get beaten up by the two guys behind. After my withrawal, i decided to call up the customer service to ask about it cos from what i know there should not be any charges if i withdraw at the public bank's atm.

The customer service told me to withdraw using debit card, I need to choose cash advance and there's no charges if i withdraw at public bank's atm. If i withdraw at some other bank's atm, there will be a RM 10 transaction fees being charged. Phew, luckily i'm withdrawing at public bank's atm, else i'll kena charged for RM20 lor..

So if u want to withdraw using your public bank's debit card, remember to choose for Cash Advance ya!!


[zsazsa] said...

wah joyce this is the answer i've been looking for.. did not know what option to choose also.. can buy u a cup of coffee la ehehe

Joyce said...

glad this post able to help you out. I'm confused too when i first withdraw..