Monday, November 19, 2007

Can I go now? Ok, thanks for the free consultation!

I heard this from a relative, this happened to his son aged 20 yrs old when he went to see a doctor. Few yrs ago, he broke his leg, this specialist operate him. So now he wished to have the steel (i'm not sure whether is it called steel) to be removed from his leg. He went to see the doctor to arrange for the surgery.

So the father dropped him at the clinic asked him to register first. Who knows before he parked his car the son is done seeing the doctor. Ya very fast as he just asked the doctor a few question whether can he removed the steel, the doctor did some simple check up on his leg and that's it. So when they were at home, the mum asked him how much the doctor charged for the consultation fees. Here's their conversation.. very funny...
M-mom, S-son
M: so how much is the consultation fees?
S: har, must pay one meh?
M: see doctor sure must pay lar.. don't tell me you didn't pay??
S: no ar, i asked the doctor whether is that it? i can go or not? the doctor said i can go. so i just walked out the clinic lar..
M: the doc says u can leave means asked u to go out from his room and go pay outside! the doc won't collect money from u one..
S: har, i dono wor, i just walked out and nobody stopped me also.. some more the doctor just asked me to move my leg, he didn't do anything also..
M: aiseh, u dono see doctor must pay one meh? every minute counts one ler..
S: normally u are the one paying wat.. how i know... i thought don' t need to pay mar..
M: ..........
(we were all laughing very hard after hearing this..)

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