Sunday, November 11, 2007

Singing while doing the BIG business?

When i pushed the toilet door at Red Box Karaoke just now, I heard someone singing. At first i thought some gals sing while they are applying their make ups in front of the mirrors. I walked in but i saw NO ONE there!! It was 3am in the morning..dun scare me lar...

There are 5 toilets there, one of them was occupied. phew~ so there's someone in the toilet lar.. When i'm done, that toilet door still closed. wow, the gal sings while doing the 'BIG' business? geng!!

Some ppl choose to read newspaper or books or magazines when they are doing their BIG business but singing? hehe, there are two things that i can't really accept, one is singing and another one is talking over the phone while doing the BIG business. It just seems so weird.

There's one time i received a call from a guy friend. I kept hearing the echo sound so i asked him where were him and what he's doing. He then said he's in the toilet doing the 'BIG' business, immediately i put down the phone. Apa la, where got ppl called other ppl to chat while they were doing that thing one??

What about you? Can you accept when your friend calls you while they were in toilet?

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SowYau said...

i just did it recently while i was on the phone with a client. This client is a bit long winded, so i deliberately let him know that I was on SMALL business: the sound of urinating, the sound of flushing the bowl, the sound of zipping my flies, and last but not least the sound of washing my hands at basins!