Monday, November 26, 2007

You want Munny? or Money?

When all my colleagues started having a pet in Facebook, I decided to get one for myself too, to see what makes them so interested. So i login and get myself a pet named Pretty Intelligent Girl a.k.a. PIG. When you have a pet, you have to feed it, when you need to feed it, you need to have Munny(in facebook they called it munny), so how to get munny?

You can either pet other ppl's pet, or you can do surveys to earn some munny. Wow, surveys? Ya, they are so clever, we can earn about USD 3 for a 15-20 minutes survey and now they asked us do survey so that we can earn some Munny to feed our pet? Our surveys will make them the real money and what we get is the Fake munny!! how smart!!

So you want Munny or Money? I definitely want MONEY!!!


keeyit said...

I also want money

kljs said...

me too!!! I want LOTS of money!!!