Friday, November 16, 2007

I ate GAS today for lunch!!

We went to ss2 for lunch today, after rounding the ss2, we decided to eat at the Wong Kok HK Restaurant. It's lunch hour, a lot of ppl, but we're lucky as we don't need to wait for our seats. Our place is at the back and the corner of the shop, so basically nobody can see us. We placed our order on the piece of paper provided, waited for 10 minutes, nobody served us. Then a colleague of mine go hand that piece of paper to one of the waiter.

He then come back to us and repeat our orders. Then he brought us the fork and spoon. After that, we started to wait for our food to arrive. After half an hour, our drinks still NOT served yet. The shop is quite big but there's only 4-5 waiters working. They saw us, but they choose to ignore us. So finally after we waved like a bunch of mad ppl, this waiter came to us and we asked where's our food and drinks? He said he'll checked with us, and guess what, they FORGOT to submit our order!!!

Damn! we were so angry and we rushed out of the restaurant!! At the end, we came back to eat at this mamak near our office, and our lunch hour today? 2 and a half hour!! When we told our ex colleague about this incident, she told us she had the same experience at the same shop too. This shop is famous in forgetting to submit customer's order!!

If you gonna eat at this ss2 wong kok restaurant (the one beside coffee bean), you must make sure you have plenty of time TO wait, just in case they forgot to submit your order!!!

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