Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm on the fast lane, but i want to drive slowly!! %^$&$#^&#$##

This morning, I was late to work again!! Luckily the school holiday had already started and the traffic was quite smooth. I was on the fast lane, don't worry, i'm not driving that fast lar. When i said traffic smooth doens't means there's no car on the road. hehe.. So there's this car, a wira, put on his signal and try to switch to my lane. I'm a good driver, hehe, since he on his signal, for sure i will let him switched lar.

So i slow down a little bit and let the wira switched over, and that's how my frusfration begins. What happened? After he switched over to the fast lane, he drives slowly, basically i think he just let the car move by itself without stepping on the brakes (if he's driving auto la..). what is wrong with him? driving 30-40km on a fast lane? hey, maybe you got 2 hours to reach office but i am rushing ler. All the cars behind me started to overtake him and of cos i did the same thing lar. I just do not understand why he purposely switched to the fast lane and drives slowly!! early morning want to get cursed by ppl izzit? ~sigh, speechless!!

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