Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You are not allowed to cancel the card!!

I gave my number to the customer service ppl to ask them to call me back regarding the cancellation on the visa card that they automatically apply for me. So this morning I received a call from the MBF, she asked me why i do not want the visa card that they gave me, it waived 2 years annual fees and does not have a combine limit with my current card.

Well, I told her i got too many cards already and i don't need another one. She said even you don't used it you can just put it at home what, it's free anyway. So funny lar, if i don't need the card what for i apply for the card? If leave it at home scared later kena stolen, then have to go through all the trouble to go terminate the card, right or not?

Then she said ok, will cancel the card for me, then i told her i wished to terminate my the other MBF card as well, the mastercard. She said, oh, they waived 2 yrs annual fees for me for that card, so i CAN't cancel it till year 2008. So keep it till year 2008. Wah, got such thing one ar? waived for me means i cannot cancel the card??? %&%&^(&$(#*^&^%#$#$


Sean said...

how come they were so mean to you? They starting to send the VISA card statement to me although I never use it... MBF so deperate now...

SEO Engineering 101 said...

Watch Out!
You are required to SWIPE your card once a month,otherwise they charge you $50 for domant account fee a month!!

CHeeky of them!

azrin @