Friday, November 16, 2007

School holiday started???

I heard from my colleague that school holiday starts today. Oh, does that means no jam till school reopen? Seriously I'm not really sure about it cos i found that it's quite jam too. Why?

If it's a school day, parents got up early to send their kids to school. That means they will need to go out of the house before the school started which is maybe about 7am+? For ppl that go to work at 8am+ like me, it will be less jam lor, since everyone go out at 7am.

But during school holidays, parents don't need to go out so early, so they probably will wake up later and go to work by 8am+. If more ppl go out at 8, means it will be more jam to me lar...hmm, but year end supposed to be less jam one, cos a lot of ppl clearing leave, on leave to go for holidays and etc. Let's just see next Monday will be a jam day or a no jam day!

Enjoy your weekend!!

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kljs said...

where got holiday? Nowadays, holidays the parents will sent their children for tuition here, tuition there and everywhere. That's why I have been saying our Malaysian Educational System is FLAWED.