Friday, November 9, 2007

Is it dead or alive??

I always see lot's of unknown insects in my house especially when it's going to rain. I first saw this (i think it's a beetle but i'm not sure. hehe..) about a month ago. I remembered it fly here and there. I'm quite afraid of flying insects as you won't know when or where they are going to stop. So after a while, i saw it stopped at the curtain there. Well, if it don't come kacau me, i also won't kacau it. So let it be...

A week later (I totally forgot about this insect), I was using the desktop in this room and when i looked up i saw it, still on the curtain. It's already one week and it's still there at the exact same place? Is it dead? I don't know.. I then continued with my work and again I forgot about it. Just now when I was in the room, i saw it again!! It's still at the exact same place!! Wow, can it survived without eating or drinking for a month?? If it's dead, why won't it fall?

I think I wanna go find out. How? By touching it!! of cos not with my hand lar!! OK, confirmed it's dead! It fell off from the curtain after being pushed by a long ruler. Hmm, is it dead a month ago or 3 weeks ago or 2 weeks ago or few days ago? :p who cares!!!

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