Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Can't view with IE? View with Firefox la!!

A week ago, my friend sent me an url, a site which he developed. I opened it with Firefox, quite an impressive site. He then asked me to try to advertise the site for him. So i sent it out to all my friends including my colleagues.

After sending out, a colleague of mine told me she found a bug. Oo, serious? i don't see anything wrong wor? She said she's using IE and there are some links when mouse over, it shows javascript error and it can't clicked through.

So i told my friend about this bug that happened only in IE. Few days later, i visit the site again. At the announcement section, I saw this, "This site is best viewed and highly recommended to view with Firefox. If you do not have Firefox, pls download here!".

Wuahahaha, what a smart guy, he doesn't want to go figure out why the error only happened in IE so he asked everyone to go use Firefox. Good idea hor..

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kljs said...

He is right to do that. Firefox is the better browser. IE is best kept closed. My previous blog, I didn't even care what happens in IE. The whole layout was so out of it in IE that I had to put this line in every post "This blog is IE unfriendly. Please use Firefox".