Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oh No! Badminton racket broken!

This is the first time i heard ppl play badminton till the badminton racket broken. Geng leh. hehe.. I've seen ppl 'fly' racket, instead of hitting the shuttlecock, the player throw the badminton racket to the opposite player. I've also seen ppl hitting the partner's head with the badminton racket, haha, actually that's me lar. I joined the badminton club when i was in primary school, so we were playing double, i'm suppose to hit the shuttlecock as it's at my side, but somehow my partner crossed over to my side so end up hitting her head with my racket. Luckily I'm don't have a lot of energy that time .. haha..

Ok, back to this badminton racket thing. FL told me yesterday he broke his partner's racket!! wow, HOW?? He said there's this guy bought a new racket, so FL's partner borrowed the guy's new racket to play. So somehow dono what happened, two rackets collided and tah-dah, that guy's new racket broken into two!!! wuahahahhaahaha, so end up how? they both (FL & his partner) got to pay that guy for his new racket lor.. Hmm, does that means FL's racket are better quality as it's stronger and more tahan lasak? :p

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