Thursday, November 29, 2007

Get rid of the cupboard smell ~ Part 2

Ws called me yesterday...
Ws: Hey, I saw your post on the 'Get rid of the cupboard smell', I want to ask you ar, does it work? If yes i also want to try leh..
J: erm, actually it doesn't really work leh, i can't smell the perfume also when i open my cupboard. but i can still smell it from the cotton balls lar. hehe..
Ws: Har, really ar? aiyar, i thought if it works then i also want to try ma..
J: but then again, maybe i used the light scent perfume lar, maybe you should try a stronger perfume.
Ws: like that ar? ok lar...
Another lesson learned, don't trust everything you read from the magazine unless you've tried it out yourself. :p but then again, maybe a stronger perfume may works, who knows.. you try lar, and let me know. hehe..


Hester said...

you should try out liao...then let me know lah...wahahahaha

Stefan said...

Good Job! :)