Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sam Tung oh Sam Tung!!

Since yesterday, i've been thinking about salad (fresh vege + fruits), then add a bit of mayonnaise or thousand island.. YUMMY!! Haha, don't asked me why? The thought of having salad just pop into my mind and remained there. So this afternoon after lunch, I went to giant to get the vege.

There are 3 different types of lettuce there, one with tomato, one without, and another one is the red and green coral, lettuce, which is the one i bought. Although there's 3 different types, there's only one price tag underneath. It stated there RM4++, wow, price increased already, i remembered last time only RM3++. So i picked the nice and fresh one, and bought some other things then headed to the cashier.

When the cashier scanned the price, i saw the lettuce that i bought is actually RM5.99!! not RM4+. Wow, RM 5.99 for that box of lettuce? That's really expensive!! Well of cos, i got no one to blame, who asked me to ASSUME that it's RM4++? I cannot assumed mar, even though there's only one price tag under all these 3 types of lettuce. I should have go scan it before i paid.

Lesson learned, don't believe what you see and scan before you pay!!

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