Friday, November 16, 2007

Propolis Protects. Stop the Cough!!

I bought a bottle of Bee Propolis-Plus Cough Nectar(蜂胶止咳露) from Eu Yan Sang today. What is it for? According to the brochure, the bee propolis-plus cough nectar is formulated for ALL kinds of cough due to cold or heatiness. Really or not? see that ALL in capital letters?

Till now i do not know my cough is cold or hot. haha, so if it says here suitable for ALL that means it should work for me lar, right? Well, you never know till you try it out! So there i go, bought a bottle to try lor, RM 33 per bottle, i'm a member so i got 5% discount.

Will it work for me? I don't know, will keep you updated, IF it cures my cough!

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