Saturday, November 10, 2007

How old are you when you got your first hp?

I went out for dinner just now at a mamak near my house. While ordering, I saw a family walking into the mamak. What is so special about the family? Well, the first person that walks in, I believe is the father. He got his hp hanged around his neck. Normal lar, it's more convenient that way especially when there's no pocket on your pants/clothes.

Then the rest that follows him should be his children. The one after him looks about 15 yrs old, same thing, there's a hp hanged around his neck too. Then the third one, i assumed is the daughter, should be around 11 - 12 yrs old also got a hp hang around her neck. Then i saw this boy, around 6-7 yrs old also got a hp with him!! WOW!! Lastly, is the mum carrying the baby and guess what, the baby is holding a hp too!!!! (haha, probably belongs to the mum lar..)

I remembered my first hp i got it when I was about 20 years old. I used up almost all my savings to get myself a hp. But now you see the 6 yrs old boy also owns a hp, do you think he really need a hp? Don't tell me he used the hp to call up his kinder garden friends...~sigh, i'm really getting old la.. :p

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