Thursday, November 15, 2007

My theory on traffic jam!

I was telling my colleagues about my theory on traffic jam the other day. After listening, every one of them laughed and said, har, got such thing one meh? So what's my theory about?

Ok, here's what i observed. In the morning, if it's super jam, then you can go back sharp at 6pm or 6pm++ (if your boss let you go lar. hehe..) and if morning no jam, then you will aspect to be stuck in the jam if you go back early. That means, morning jam? go back at 6pm. morning no jam, go back later, maybe 7++. Of cos, these will worked on normal weather only, haha so rain not included lar, if rains means jam!

Like for example, this morning was kind of jam, when i went home at 6pm+, the traffic was very smooth and i reached home within half an hour time. Don't believe me ar? try to observe yourself lar. :p

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