Monday, November 12, 2007

What can you do to prevent your car get stolen?

Heard this from the radio and wanted to share it with you guys.. These callers called in and gave their opinions on what they did to make sure their cars will not get stolen. I heard the intro part only but found it's quite funny .. so there's this caller, he make sure his car is full of his used stocks, ya those smelly ones, so that when someone really did successfully entered his car, the smell also can caused him to give up. wuahahhahaa.. i scared not yet scared off the thief, we ourselves also pengsan already..

Then another called said she will tried to put a 'fake' snake beside the driver's seat, 'fake' snake? i think the car thief will be smart enough to differentiate whether it's a real one or a fake one gua.. Then another one said, remove ur car tyre. There's no way you can drive that car when your car left with 3 tyres.. well, he's right, this can definitely prevent your car get stolen. But i got one question, where should i do with that tyre? carry it around with me? damn funny lar..

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