Friday, November 2, 2007

The Embarrass Moment

Did you ever encounter any embarrass moment where you wished there's a hole in front of you so that you can hide yourself? Well, I do have such momentS. ya, moment with the s, which means a lot!!

The most recent one happened 1-2 months ago. I went yum cha with my friends at the mamak stall near my place. I meet them after work, was working over time that day, reached there around 11pm. We makan makan, minum minum, and talk talk talk. At around 1am, I told them i couldn't stand it anymore. I haven't take my bath yet and I'm so tired. I said good night to them and i left.

I parked my car just opposite the mamak. I crossed the street, stand in front of my car and tried to unlock my car using the car remote. I heard the sound 'dit dit' but it's coming from some other place. I looked at the car again, well it's my car what, so i opened the door and, it's still LOCKED!! Ei, i pressed the button again and this time i only heard 'dit' one sound (2 'dit' to unlocked, 1 'dit' to lock.) and again, the sound is coming from some other place.

Hmm, this is very weird, I turned and i saw another same color car!! OH NO, that other car is my car, and the one i'm standing in front of, IS NOT MY CAR!!!! I looked towards my friends' direction and saw they were laughing at me. Not only them, some mamak customers are also laughing at me. OH MY GOD!! I quickly run towards my car and drove off. That is sooooooo embarrassing!!!!

Well, never ever assumed that car is yours although it is the same color, from the same company! Always double checked the car number plate!! There's just so many same car with the same color around. Of cos, not unless you're driving a BMW 7 series or a porsche!!!


james said...

Sometimes the mamak roti canai they put alcohol inside wuahaha..that's not so embarrasing,

There's one time, we all had a meeting, it was a very serious meeting, everyone was solemn, then all of a sudden...i...accidently farted. I was so embarrased got up and excuse myself only to find out more that my pants was unzipped as well. That was the worst day in my life. Conclusion, if you have a meeting, make sure you clean your stomach + take a pist + zip up your pants.

Joyce said...

haha.., no matter what you should always zip up your pants lar. :p