Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Where's your gas tank? Left or Right?

I received an interesting forwarded email this morning from my friend. What is it about? It is about our car gas tank. Do you remember which side is your gas tank? Mine is on the left. hehe..A lot of ppl tend to forget which side is their gas tank. When they wanna fill up their car with petrol, they probably will stop at the wrong side.

So this email is to teach those that always forgets where's their gas tank, to check on their dash board before they go in to the petrol station. According to the email, there's an indication on every car dash board. Let's see..

you can refer to the gas icon at your
gas guage to find out which side
is your gas tank! Interesting!!

I've been driving my car for almost 5 yrs now but i never noticed the handle of the gas pump. My car gas tank is on the left, so that means the handle of the gas pump must be on the left lar. If this is true, then it really can help those that always forgets which side is their gas tank.

So on my way back just now, i looked carefully on the gas icon to check the gas handle, to see whether it is on the left, and guess what, it's NOT!! The handle is on the right and my gas tank is on the left.

Well, i guess we can't trust forwarded email 100% lar, have to experiment ourselves first before trusting every word in the forwarded email. Or maybe that icon only for imported cars? My buatan Malaysia car no such indication?? Well, then i guess i need a favour from you guys. If you're driving an imported car, check the handle, i wanna see if this is true. Let me know ya!


Anonymous said...

mine is correct (Mazda 3). my brother's correct too (Nissan Murano).

kljs said...

my MyVI is left.... but it's not analog, but digital...... however, it's still on the left... so, correct lar..... nice observation!

Joyce said...

hmm, at first i thought only imported cars are correct, so now it seems like new cars made in malaysia cars also correct.

So can I made a conclusion that only old old made in malaysia cars does not have this indication?

Anybody got old car? hehe.. How old is old? Mine is 5 yrs old lar.. so 5 yrs should be old enough!!

or worst still only my car they got it wrong???!! cannot be right? wuahahahaha..

Anonymous said...

waaahaha my proton tiara, just the symbol of fuel without the handle thing...waahaha what that means???

Joyce said...

that means.. your car don't have gas tank!! wuahahahahhaa...

I really want to salute to Made In Malaysia car lar.. speechless...

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