Monday, November 12, 2007

Chicken and Duck talk!

A phone conversation with my brother..
Bro: Hey, how to make the screen looks brighter?
J: ar? wat screen? u mean the monitor?
Bro: ya..
J: oh, u see the buttons on the monitor? normally there's 4 buttons. just simply pressed on it.
Bro: buttons? got meh? wait let me see..
J: (heard the sound pressing, heard someone's voice too, both of them are looking for the buttons. aiseh, cannot see the buttons meh? how big is the monitor wor, need to take so long to find meh?) canot find meh?
Bro: no wor, there's no button!!
J: har, cannot be what.. oh wait, you are referring to monitor or your notebook?
Bro: notebook.
J: aiseh, no wonder lar. ok for notebook.. (i myself also dono where, wuahahaha, was checking on my notebook and saw it at the arrow key there.) I think every notebook not the same one leh, for my acer rite, it's at the arrow key there, can you see something like a sun on your key pad?
Bro: sun? wait.. (again, they both finding the sun. wuahahahahahaha...)
J: got or not?
Bro: wait, i dun see sun, i saw something like moon wor... err wait, half sun, half black half white..
J: HAR??? wat moon? aiyar just pressed lar, see wat happens..
Bro: pressed already, nothing happened la! (then i heard the his friend's voice, hey i found the sun already lar..)
J: ...
Bro: ok lar, found it already.. thanks bye.

My friend were beside me when i was having my phone conversation with my brother. He heard the last part, where we talked about the 'sun'. He asked me, notebook got sun one meh? what brand is that? what sun is that?

~sigh..nevermind la.., no energy to explain..

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