Thursday, November 1, 2007

Read the SMALL SMALL words!!

I finally able to clear the boxes which i put aside since the day i moved into my place. Why? Because I bought myself a bookcase! Trust me, it's a very nice bookcase, hehe, got story behind one ler. I bought this bookcase from Ikea, few weeks ago. There's a promotion on this bookcase, last yr they are selling RM185, and now they are only selling for RM165. The only reason that stopped me from buying it is the height. I do not know whether my car or FL's car can fit or not.

The bookcase height is 202cm, before we went, we measured our car, and FL's brother's car. We decided to take FL's car and the brother's car as a backup. So finally I saw my lovely bookcase, BUT, unfortunately I can't find the color i want!! I wanted to buy the dark brown color, but what they have is only the white color!!

I looked carefully at the brochure then only i realized that only white color is on promotion, the black brown one? got, but it costs RM245!! almost RM100 more!! I walked here walked there, considering whether to buy or not. I really cannot persuade myself to take the white one, so finally we paid RM 245 for the black brown one. Of cos, it stated there this one is in better quality and can carry more weight!

So ar, the next time you feel like buying something after reading some brochures, better read from top to bottom, every single word, big big words, small small words before you go buy anything which is on promotion. Normally those small small words are those IMPORTANT words!!


cbenc12 said...

wah, u paid antoher rm100 for the brown color!!! i like white more.. my ikea table n chair is white :D but very fast dirty la.. need to wipe wipe every week :S

Joyce said...

cos all my furnitures are in dark brown mar, that is i have to match them lor..