Thursday, November 1, 2007

Since when the Telekom and Tmnet's bill merged?

I checked my mail box just now, the real mail box lar, not the email mail box. hehe.. Saw the telekom bill, opened up, and found it's a bit different. How different? Well, normally my telekom bill is kind of simple, why? becos i basically used the phone for streaymx only. I don't use the phone to call or to receive. So every month's bill is definitely RM27.30.

But this month's bill, wahseh.. RM300++!!! WHAT??!! I further read the 3 pages long statement, i saw RM 66, ei, then only i realized they've merged the telekom bill with the tmnet's bill. okie, but it shouldn't be RM300++ also what. RM66 + RM 27.30 != RM300+, simple calculation i still know how to calculate one...

I read further and only found out that they stated there my last month's tmnet's bill not paid. Cannot be what, i remembered i paid using maybank2u. Oh no, since they've merged the bill that means from now on i only need to pay to the Telekom, no longer Tmnet, but last month 2 separate bills, therefore i paid to both Telekom and Tmnet.

Aiseh, merged also have to make sure they merged those payments as well mar, where got merged half way one. Very sien, gotta call them and asked again, why always we are the one who suffered when it's all their fault??

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