Friday, November 9, 2007

Will my paypal withdrawal failed?

I knew it!! My first paypal withdrawal using my Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card won't be that smooth. ~sigh... I was happily waiting for the money to be transferred to my debit card till i saw the comment from tenthofmarch. Don't you need to verify your debit card before the withdrawal??

Oh yes!! i totally forgot about that. ~sigh, i think i probably got too excited when i got the card this morning. After I got the card, i login to paypal to do the withdrawal. I did not click into the 'Add or Edit Credit Card' page to add my debit card. Instead, I clicked on the 'Withdraw' link, and then the 'Withdraw funds to your card' link. At that page, I was required to enter my visa debit card's detail such as the card no, expiry date, security code and etc. When i'm done, i was redirected to another page where i'm required to enter the amount that i want to withdraw. There's no message said that I need to verify my card before I can withdraw!!

The status of my withdrawal transaction is still 'Pending'. Although it's under 'Pending', the amount had already been deducted out. I wonder what will happened next, will paypal refund my money to me after they found out that my card is not being verified, or they still allowed me to withdraw? Please please please let me withdraw lar.. ~sigh.. I've submitted a ticket to paypal to ask them what will happened but I still got no reply from them. Oh god..~sigh.. no eye see..

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TenthOfMarch said...

Actually, I just notice that we need to complete the expanded usage for new cards. However, I am not sure if we need to complete it before we do a withdrawal. Hopefully no need, then you should be able to get the money soon.