Monday, November 19, 2007

Do you online pay bills?

I've been paying bills online for a few years, maybe 5-6 years?. It's so convenient, simple and easy, no queues, no trouble and so far I did not face any problem. My telekom bill, tmnet bill, maxis, housing loan, credit card bills, electricity, insurance, assessments and many more, as long as there's an option for me to pay online, i WILL pay online. It really saves me a lot of time!

All the while i thought everyone(those who knows how to use the computer and also have internet access) also does the same thing like me, which is pay bills online, but actually it's not. There are still a lot of ppl out there doesn't trust online paying bills. Well, if you tell me your parents does not feel comfortable with paying bills online, i 00% understand. But if you tell me a person that works in the IT field, still queuing up paying bills, it's quite unbelievable rite?

I do have a few friends like that, i asked them why don't you pay online? They said, well, i just don't trust online stuff! Well, maybe we are the ones doing these online stuff, that is why they dont' trust? haha...What about you? Do you trust paying your bills online?


kljs said...

Want to be safe, I tell you how to be safe paying bills online.
First, open a savings account with any banks that has online facilities. I recommend Maybank.
Apply for a Maybank2u online account.
Basically, this account will ONLY be used for payment of bills. Deposit the money into the account, as soon as possible, pay your bills.

Is this safe? I would say it is as safe as it can be. Just do not log into your account using a computer at a internet cafe. Do it at home or if at work, make sure your working computer is spyware and virus free as possible.

Joyce said...

ya i agree. I prefer maybank2u the most if compared to others like public bank, hsbc, cimb, rhb and etc. and the money in my maybank acc is normally just enough to pay my bills, no extra cash.