Friday, November 16, 2007


After a complaint from my friend, that i did not confirm her friend request on face book, i decided to login to check it out. It's not that i don't want to check the facebook, it's just that there are so many similar websites around, friendster lar, facebook lar, how many should i maintained?

After i login, i saw there's 5 pending friend requests, then there's whole lot of other requests (a whole page, 50 over requests), and some other stuff like ppl poked me, vampire bite me and dono who voted me for dono what, wuahahahahahaha, which i don't really know wat to do with it. I looked at it a while, then I go confirmed all the friend requests then i logout! :p I think i'm getting old as i do not have the interest to go explore it further. It's just seems so complicated la!

You got facebook? You know wat to do with the bite and poke and vote thing?

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