Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The fun of changing nicknames.

In msn, we are allowed to change our nick names. I dun changed my nick name often as I'm lazy. hehe.. some of my friends, they like to change daily. Maybe today they're sleepy, then they will changed their nick name to 'I Am Sleepy' or 'Yawn' or 'Good Night' and etc. Some will changed according to the food they ate such as, 'yum yum nasi lemak' during morning, then afternoon will probably changed to 'yummy burger' and etc.

It's fun to see them changed nick name but if you changed too often, ppl will kind of lost track of who you are especially when you email is not ur name or ur initials. This happened to me just now, I have my msn all sorted out with a lot of categories, ex colleagues from company A, ex colleagues from company B, friends met online, school mates, college mates, current company and etc. So there's this contact in my currrent company category, I looked at the nick name, hmm i don't regconize leh, then i checked the email, wow, i also cannot guess who is this from the email and it's not good to mesg ppl to ask, 'hey who are you ar?' 'why you in my list ar?' like tat mar, rite?

So i asked my colleagues around to see whether they know who is this contact or not. Nobody knows who is this? and we start guessing here guessing there and end up one colleague said, aiyar, she's so and so lar. .... oooooooo.. ic ic....

So ar? don't changed ur nick too often lar, else ar, ppl will have problem knowing who is who ler.. :p

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