Monday, November 5, 2007

No Order Drinks? Get LOST!!!!

Heard this from a colleague of mine. He went to SS2's 'wai sek gai' for dinner with his family last weekend. They sat at this table in front of a stall selling drinks. Then this stall's owner came asked them what they want to drink. They said they do not want any drinks. Immediately the owner of the stall said, "you dowan to order drinks, go sit some where else!!".

WAH!! It's not his place and he got no rights to chase ppl away. My colleague and his family ignored the stall owner. Guess what the owner did? He go off all the lights and fans so that my colleague and his family will go away!!

I never know got such ppl. I knew if go these 'wai sek gai' no matter in which area, if you happened to sit in front of their stall and you don't order from them, they will show you their black face. But so far i never see or hear any owner that ask ppl to get lost if don't order from them. That is a very very very bad attitude!!!

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yuenxiao said...

where's that place? so that i don't go there. got pictures? your blog very plain la :P