Thursday, November 1, 2007

Beware of crunchy and crispy goreng pisang!!

Goreng pisang is best to eat when it's hot. Why? cos it's still crispy, when it's cold it will turned soft and doesn't taste that nice anymore. If you happened to eat a goreng pisang that still crispy and crunchy when it's cold or after few hours u bought it, don't ever buy from that stall anymore!!

This was told by FL's customer when he went to east malaysia for his business trip. The customer said if the goreng pisang is still cripsy after a few hours, it means there's straw in it! STRAW???!!! yes, that's right. He said those goreng pisang seller, they cut the straw into small small pieces and fried with the goreng pisang. By doing this, their goreng pisang will always be cripsy even it's cold and thus attract more customer!!

scary right! i don't know how true is this, but i think i believed what he said lar. so, just beware!

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