Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I just can't continue watching anymore!!

Recently I'm watching this tvb series, not very new one, about a family that sells abalone. There are about 30 episodes. It started out quite funny, a big family, everyone is very happy, helping each other out, a happy and rich family. no pain, no sickness, no financial problem, everything is just so perfect!

I enjoyed watching the first 10+ episode, then things started to get bad. The mom diagnosed with cancer, the 2nd mom talking bad things about ppl so that she can have more money, you stabbing my back, I stabbing your back, everyone stabbing each other, the best friend is going after another best friend's bf. Wow!! Then later on, after the father died (I think lar, saw the preview a bit, hehe..) the big family will split into two groups and then here comes the interesting part, the will!!

I just can't continue watched this anymore. I stopped at episode 20 and deleted all the rest. It just makes me feel so sad. The world is already full of these things, why do i need to see this in a movie some more? I'm suppose to relax while watching these movies and not the other way round. Maybe i got too deep with the movies, but seriously i think these things happened, especially in those rich rich families.

This makes me wonder, when you are very rich, does that means that there will be no love between family anymore? Ppl treating you nice is becos of your money, if you don't have money, they dun care about you. Friends are like that, which i think it's still acceptable, but what if your family also like tat? your brothers and sisters also like that?

~sigh, what a sad world.. I gonna watch something funny to cheer myself up!!


kaiwah said...

I like the movie very much especially the "tuck tuck teh" character. You should watch until the end!

Joyce said...

ya, 'tak tak dei' is kind of funny. Continue watching? dowan lar, it makes me super sad ler.. hehe.. I am a very emotional person .. :p

Anonymous said...

u r one in a billion & hard to find these days kind of girl. Wished there were more of your attitude around...and don't be too sad, there's a sweetness in every life :)

Anonymous said...

HAhaa..joyce!!Then the latest 1, drive of life岁月风云also makes u geram...but nice story also!!I finish both few month ago, u should continue...later u will find the good ending. All abt the power of united family

Joyce said...

oo, drive of life i finished watching already. that one still ok, at least nobody died mar, oh, the rich man that died is not the one i like mar, hehe.