Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Get rid of the cupboard smell

Read about this tip from a magazine. In order to prevent towels and sheets from having the cupboard smell, spray your favorite scent onto cotton balls. Once dry, place them in the corners of the closet and on shelves. Dont' believe what you read unless you try it out yourself.'s experiment time!!

Favorite scent? hmm, i have lot's of perfume. You know ppl said perfume should not use more than 2 yrs as the scent will fade away, but how to finish all these perfume? even u spray when you go pasar malam also cannot finish lar.. maybe i can use these old perfume for this little experiment.

cotton balls from guardian, RM 2.80 per packet

take a few cotton balls and put in a bowl or box.
I made a paper box for this.

hmm, which perfume to use?
let's see, which is the oldest...
body shop perfume!!

spray spray spray and leave it dry.
then put into the cupboard.
i'll let you know whether it works or not later lar.

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