Friday, November 2, 2007

My Experience with the Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card

I submitted my application to one of the Public Bank's branch on the 5th of October. After submitted for around 2 weeks, i called the customer service to check on my card application. I don' t know whether i'm just so unlucky, or all their customer service are not well trained. Everytime i called, i'm being answered by some RUDE customer service and it really makes my mood bad after talking to them.

Since I can't get any answers from calling the customer service, i decided not to waste anymore money on these useless phone calls. I decided to go to the branch to talk face to face to the customer service there. Of cos, it's not a pleasant conversation too, the branch showed me the documents from HQ, my application was being sent and confirmed received by the HQ on the 9 of October but why it's still not in the system? The answer they gave me? Asked me to wait and wait and wait. Hey, i'm not trying to get my card approved, i just hope that my application are submitted and entered to the system! I'm not asking too much right?

I called the customer service again to check, and this time, i also didn't get to talk to a polite customer service. ~sigh, public bank prefer hiring rude customer service izzit? I almost wanted to give up on the debit card and applied for the Al-Rajhi Bank's debit card when i was told by someone that Al-Rahji having problem in withrawing paypal. ~sigh... What can I do? They really leave me with no other option but to continue waiting for the public bank's debit card.

Finally last week, when i called to check on my card application status, i finally heard some good news. It says my card is now is being processed!! Oh Thank god! At least i know my application is being submitted and not lost in the space! Since then, i called everyday to check on the application status and then last friday(26-10-2007) when i checked, it says my application has been approved! phewww, FINALLY!!

So now what, card already approved, does that means i can go collect my card at the branch? I called the customer service to ask about this, and she told me i got to wait for the letter, then I have to bank in RM25 into the account. OK, so when i can get the letter? oo, in 1-2 weeks time!!

All right! I've already waited for so long, it doesn't make any different if i got to wait for another 1-2 weeks lar. So i stopped calling the public bank (don't want to waste anymore money!!) and patiently wait for the letter to arrive. and guess what? I got the letter yesterday(1-11-2007), much much earlier than i expected!!

There's nothing much on the letter, basically informed me that my card has been approved, and now i have to deposit RM25 to my account. If i did not deposit $$ into my account within 60 days, the card will be cancelled. So this morning, i went to the public bank's cash deposit machine and deposited RM30 into my account. Again, i called the customer service to check when can i get the card after i bank in the $$, he said by next wednesday or thursday, i should be able to collect my card at the branch.

Well, I don't know, i'm still waiting. So let's just wait and see whether i can really get the card or not by next week. Don't worry, i will definitely keep you guys informed!

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