Monday, November 12, 2007

Successfully withdraw Paypal with Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card

Surprised surprised surprised!!! I went to the public bank this morning to apply for the ebanking for my debit card. I got the pin no on the spot but the customer service asked me to wait till tomorrow 7pm before i can used it. When i got home just now, at about 7pm+, i decided to try it out. Just try lar, maybe i can used it leh, no harm trying right?

And guess what? I really can used it!! wow, tat's pretty fast right? Ya, i'm already quite happy and wait, i got some more good news! What's that? I login and checked on my transaction to get the code to verify my debit card on paypal and i don't believe what i saw!! Am i dreaming?? I saw my money from paypal that i withdraw on last friday!! WOW, WOW, WOW that's really really unexpected!!

I withdraw on friday morning, and the transaction showed money being transferred to my account on that same day, which is 9 of Nov! I thought we need to wait for at least 7 days? I haven't even verified my debit card on paypal yet!! That is just soooo fast..Everything is just so perfect except one, which is the conversion rate was kind of low, only 3.27.

I am SO SO SO SO happy till i remembered i have not received the pin that can enable me to withdraw money out from my debit card through ATM. Aiseh, guess have to wait again lar!!

p/s: sorry ar, i mata sepek, hehe, forgive me lar, i'm just so happy mar.. see the wrong date from a different transaction. the correct date should be 12 Nov, withdraw from money from paypal on 9-nov, friday, and got the money in my account on monday, 12 nov, so it's 3 days!! :p


TenthOfMarch said...

Oh, means no need verify again to withdraw. Good for you. The exchange rate is a little low. I thought it should be 3.3+?

Joyce said...

Ya, but since i already click the expanded thing in paypal, i did verify again lor..

ya it's quite low, i thought at least will have 3.3!

Sean said...

So nice, I still haven't apply PB electron yet :(

The conversion rate really really low >.<"

Kuang said...

Hi Joyce,
I seen your blog abt the paypal withdrawal. I need your help la. I need to withdraw from paypal to malaysian acc. how do i do that? My e mail is
Awaiting your reply.

Joyce said...

hi kuang, you need to apply a debit card first. Do you have a debit card?