Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Full moon full moon, lot's of full moon party!

There are really a lot of ppl giving birth this year, especially end of this year and the beginning of next year. A relative of mine just had a full moon's party for his little baby boy last Sunday. He gave us a box of 'ang gu kuih' and a box of 'salt chicken' (yim kuk gai, ipoh famous one..).

The next day, which is yesterday, Monday, I received a box of cake from my colleague, which also celebrating her baby boy's full moon. Next month, or beginning of January will be my brother's turn, and another month more, will be my friend, and another month will be another friend of mine. WOW!!!! berturut-turut till April next year!!! What a good year to give birth hor.. hehe..

From my colleague, she gave each of us
one box oh...

A cake, with 2 red eggs and 2 'ang gu kuih'.
I love ang gu kuih. hehe..

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