Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Statement of account? Where's the credit card?

I received a pin from MBF 2 weeks ago, this pin belongs to a visa card. I only have a mastercard with MBF, since when i got this visa card? I called the customer service to check with them and apparently they AUTOMATICALLY apply on behalf of me using my details on the mastercard. I intend to terminate master card already, and now they are sending me another card? Oh my, i told the customer service that i do not want the card but he said i have to wait for my card to arrive then only i can request for termination. Ok fine, so i wait..

2 weeks later, which is today, i received a statement of account from MBF. At first i thought it's for my master card, but then when i looked carefully this statement of account is actually for my visa card. I don't even have the card with me and they are sending me statement of account already? What is wrong with them??

Immediately i called the customer service again, they checked for me and found that the card is still with HQ. So again, i told her i do not want the card, and she said she will asked the person in charged to call me during office hour about the cancellation.

I hate these kind of automatically apply cards. I do not asked for one so pls don't send me one. I have to go through all the hassle to go cancel a card which i didn't even ask for! Well, i'm going to terminate both master and visa card from MBF.

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