Friday, November 2, 2007

My Experience with the Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card ~ Part 2

When i reached home about 7pm++ just now, i saw there's a note from pos laju sticked on my door. There's a courier item delivered to me and I cannot send representative to collect it! Courier item? nobody is sending anything to me and i did not apply any credit card recently, so the biggest possibility is from the Public Bank! Yes, the Visa Electron Debit Card!!!! But on the application form, i clearly stated that i wanted to collect the card at the branch, not delivered to me!!

Anyway, it can't be that fast what. The Pos Laju's note stated they delivered the item to me at about 12:30pm, I bank in the money around 10am this morning, cannot be that fast what, right? Within 2 hours they are able to send me the card? It is totally unbelievable!!

Nevermind, i told myself, i can collect the item tomorrow, then i will know what is that item!! oh wait, they closed on first saturday!! shit!! that means i can only collect the item next saturday. arggg, i don't think i can wait that long!! I decided to call up the pos laju customer service, their PosLine are from 8:30am - 9:30pm. good, i can still contact them. I did not wait very long for someone to answer my call. I told them can i redirect the item to be sent over to my office. After she checked, she said it's credit card, therefore they can't redirect it!!

Credit card? wow.. 90% confirmed is from Public Bank cos i did not apply any other card from any other bank. What now? Take leave to collect it? Nar, i do not want to waste my leave like that!! So how? wait till next saturday? Aiyar, don't lar, i do not want to wait for that long!! How how how?

I called the Public Bank customer service again, i guess today is my lucky day as i only need to wait about 2 minutes before someone answered my call! So i told the customer service about this item and i wanted her to check whether is it the debit card from Public Bank! and YES, she confirmed that it is the debit card from Public Bank! I then asked her to withdraw it from Pos Laju and send it to the branch, because i requested to send to the branch at the first place. It's there in their system, that i wanted to collect it at the branch, i do not know why they so clever go delivered it to my house!! Anyway she said she will send a request to get my card send over to the branch. So now, how long i need to wait? Well, she said probably by next wednesday, i will received a notice/letter from them to ask me to go collect.

seriously, i don't think i can get the card on wednesday. Why? You see, first they have to get the card from the Pos Laju and then resent out. I believe all this can only be arranged on next monday. Then they will need to mail me the notice which probably take another day or two. 3 days can gao tim so many things? well, i doubt that.

So now how? wait lor, wat else??

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KennyP said...

At least you are about to get your card, I still need to wait :(

Happy withdrawing money