Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Biscuits! For display purposes!!

When I went to The Body Shop member sales on last Friday, I saw biscuits! Biscuits? Yes, lot's of lot's of lot's of Jacob's biscuits. har, what am i talking about?

nor, this is wat i'm talking about lar...
the Eiffel Tower, made of biscuits.

what's this? A bridge made of biscuits!!

the biscuits Twin tower!!

and this? a mosque izzit? hehe, not sure..

Actually I've seen these from a forwarded email. It's different when you see it with your own eyes. I do agree that they had put a lot of effort in building all these, and it is very nice but.. what's the purpose of this? I'm not really sure, but i seriously think it will be more meaningful if they donated these amount of biscuits to the poor ppl, the ppl who needed it. Biscuits is for us to eat, not for display purposes! ~sigh..


kljs said...

can I eat them ah? heheheheh


Apple said...

Wow..biscuit arts.
But it's kinda waste. Agree with you, it will be more meaningful if donate to the needed.

keeyit said...

I saw this too in forwarded mail.. Those biscuits are cream crackers