Saturday, November 10, 2007

La la la.... La La la la la la...

I am going to Red Box karaoke later tonight. Erm, actually is tomorrow early morning because i booked the room from 12:30am - 4am. :) Haha, ya you are right, I don't want to waste my RM 10 Red Box cash voucher that I just korek korek out from my wallet just now.

Why so late? I don't want to but i got no other choice. It was around 7pm when I korek that voucher out from my wallet. From 6pm - 10pm, red box is serving buffet dinner. Their buffet dinner is not nice and it's quite expensive. RM 40+ per person (not including the titbits that they forced us to take and tax!) I do not like to eat and sing cos i feel that eating is a waste of time. hehe, We only got about 3 hours time to sing, if gonna eat some more, where got enough time, right?

So now you know why i booked so late lar.. :p hehe.. hopefully i will not keep coughing lar.. like my previous karaoke session, keep coughing only..can't sing properly also..

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