Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Body Shop Early Bird Christmas Member Sales

For The Body Shop supporters out there, The Body Shop sales is here again!!! There will be an early bird Christmas Member Sales at One Utama on Friday, 23 Nov between 7-10pm. There will also be an exclusive 10% off on selected gifts/products, free makeover, pampering hand massage and many more! A special gift awaits you when you bring in their empty bottles for recycling! Oo, i got lot's of empty bottles ler..

This friday 7-10pm only? Hmm, can still go on my way back home from work. What about you? Are you interested in the sales? I'm hoping to get some body butter. Their last sales, i bought the body butter with 50% discount!! very worth it, if they are giving 50% discount again, i think i'm gonna buy 5!!! hahahahaha, not all for me lar, for my aunt lar, FL's mom lar and etc. I think i'm going .. i'm going.. i'm going...

p/s: my friend just told me she got the sms too about the sales, but hers is at KLCC/Pavillion. Then i guess most probably every body shop also got sales lar!!

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