Saturday, November 10, 2007

Potluck Lunch

We are going to have a potluck lunch next Monday in the office. For those of you who doesn't know what is potluck, here's the explanation from Wikipedia..
A potluck is a gathering of people where each person is expected to bring a dish of food to be shared among the group.
Why suddenly having potluck? Well, there's 2 reasons, 1st, one of my colleague's birthday and the 2nd reason, all bosses are not around. wuahahaahahahaha...

There will only be 10++ of us, what we gonna have then? There will be japanese soba (i nv tried this before, they said it's a kind of japanese mee and it's cold. wow, mee which is cold.. must try must try!!), alfafa sandwiches (damn healthy rite. haha.. i love alfafa), kuih-muih, fried meehun, salad, kfc (this one not sure, cos ar, this colleague of mine, kept changing his mind, one minute he said he gonna buy chips, but then he's worried nobody gonna eat the chips during lunch, then he said maybe will buy some kfc, so i don't know wat will we have on monday. haha..), fruits and etc (i forgot wat else we have. :p)

So what i'm going to bring? I'm not going to cook, cos i don't know how to cook for so many ppl, scared dono what it might turned out. so better play safe, i'm gonna make crystal jelly!!! At first i planned to make herbal jelly + crystal jelly, but then too long nv make herbal jelly already, put too little water(cannot follow the instructions one lar..), turned out to be 'yat gao gao', so better don't bring lar. crystal jelly should be enough gua.. hehe...

my Ribena crystal jelly!!
one person can only eat 2 pieces at most!

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Anonymous said...

hi Jy~s, hope you have njoyed the potluck lunch.
am from india