Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tesco vs Tesco Extra

What is the difference between Tesco and Tesco Extra? There are getting more and more newly open Tesco Extra, if there's no difference, then why they called it Tesco extra? There must be some difference.

Well, i myself don't know what's is the difference, but i heard these Tesco Extra are orginally Macro. They bought over and changed it to Tesco Extra, so i guess maybe the difference between Tesco and Tesco Extra is you need to buy in bulk when you shop in Tesco Extra.

That's just my guess, so the best is to go find it out! Since today is a holiday, I took the opportunity to go to the newly open Tesco Extra at Selayang. When i saw the jam and the crowd, only I know this Tesco Extra just opened yesterday. No wonder lar.. so jam and so many people!

Hmm, it looks a lot bigger than the normal Tesco. Not bad, i like it better than Tesco, why? cos it's bigger, things are nicely arranged and there are more space for customers to push their trolley around. And i'm wrong, we don't need to buy in bulk. We can shop like normal buy in small qty but we have the option to buy in bulk too. Those items you buy in bulk are normally much cheaper.

See, no need to guess here guess there, go find it out yourself, you probably will like it too.

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